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Selasa, 01 November 2011

Comparison and contrast essay


Analyzing the similiarities and differences between two or more items.

Organization of comparison and  Contrast Essay :

1. Block organization; all the similarities in one block (can be one/ more paragraph) then the differences
2. In point by point organization; make a sentence by sentence comparison of the features
Model of Block organization :  
TS   :   One way to decide between two job offers is to evaluate what the similarities and differences before making a decision  
1.The salary and fringe benefits of job X and Y are almost the same
A. salary (job X and job Y)   
 B. fringe benefits (job X and job Y)  
II. Although the salary and fringe benefits are equal, there are big differences in the areas of
workplace atmosphere and opportunity for advancement.
 A. Workplace atmosphere
1. Job X
2. Job Y
B. Opportunity to advance (X and Y).
Model of point by point organizations :  
 TS  :One way to decide between two job offers is to make point by point of their features 
1.The salaries of job X and job Y are approximately equal (job X’s and Y’s Salaries) 
2.Job X’s offers the same fringe benefits as Job Y  
3.In contrast to job Y, Job x offers good opportunities for advancement 
4.unlike, the high pressure and competitive atmosphere at company X, the atmosphere at
company Y seems congenial and supportive.
Example comparison and contrast by block model :

            “ Opera Van Java and Comedy Project Program’s is different but Same Entertaining”

Currently many TV stations aired the program in concept comedy with an attractive, funny and interesting so that they can be entertained by famous comedians today. So it's comedy programs now more prevalent in by many people enjoy doing, and I also love to watch the program comedy on TV. For example  opera van java comedy program and project comedy which aired on Trans 7 and Trans TV is equally provide an interesting and amusing entertainment. Even with the same goal of entertaining an audience, but OVJ and comedy projects have differences in the concept of the story. But both programs remain the same this comedy has a concept and purpose to entertain the audience.
The similiarity this comedy program, where the concept of this comedy has the same nature for the purpose of entertaining, here also there are similarities that OVJ and the project is a comedy musical comedy, accompanied by a song, the stage is also the same situation with all furniture made from sitrofoam like chairs, tables, rocks and so on to the background story. As well as bring together guest star who plays a specific role in each story.
While differences in both the comedy programs such as terms of a different plot, the plot OVJ usually played on Indonesian folklore. While the project is more comedy tells the stories of today's modern or storyline is more directed at our daily events. Altough OVJ have a concept of the show is a modern version of the puppet show. With the waveguide by a puppeteer, in a way story. While the project does not use comedy mastermind so the scenario is previously memorized in the waveguide without the puppeteer.
OVJ comedy and project comedy is different, although both comedy programs have different concepts such as plot and concept of the show and others. But both comedy program will still have its own uniqueness is in love and in the community enjoy doing this now in comedian action. And both are still exsis comedy program in the public eye as long as the program is still entertaining.